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spiketara's Journal

The Vampire and the Witch
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Their paths seldom crossed, they barely talked to each other, they never had a scene just between the two of them: Spike and Tara.

But the few times we saw them interact - Spike punching Tara on the nose in Family, Spike’s gruff but kind dismissal when Tara burns his hand in Spiral, Tara’s reaction to Buffy’s confession in Dead Things, and her mischievous banter in Older And Far Away - these moments of kindness left us hankering for more, because they were funny and touching.

This community is devoted to Spike and Tara, either as friends, or as a couple; to stories, fan art, and discussions. If you know good stories about them, recommend them here. We will also post challenges. But mostly this is a place to hang out. So come join us!

Please contact estepheia if you have any questions or suggestions.

Plagiarists beware. If you post stories to this journal that are not your own, you will be banned from this community. Also, please note that if your LJ doesn't have any entries, you will be granted membership but not posting access.